Ein Nachschlag für Berlin

Dezember 30th, 2008

Das Berlin eine große Stadt ist, ist bekannt.
Aber, dass Berlin so groß ist, dass es keine Glühweinstände rund um den Hauptbahnhof gibt, dass ist mir bisher unbekannt gewesen und der guten Ro ja auch.

Ich bin am Samstag von Dresden sehr früh nach Leipzig aufgebrochen. Dort habe ich für Ro einen schönen Blumenstrauß gekauft und dann habe ich die erste Straßenbahn zu Ro genommen. Wir haben uns in diesem Jahr bis zu dem Zeitpunkt noch kein einziges Mal gesehen und da war die Wiedersehensfreude sehr groß.

Die Zeit bis zur Zugfahrt am Nachmittag verbrachten wir mit dem Hören von “Akopalüpse Nau!” von Helge Schneider. Dann kochte Ro noch einen herrlichen Rindergulasch mit Nudeln und danach spurteten wir zum Hauptbahnhof los, um nach Berlin zu gelangen. (In Leipzig traf sich scheinbar die halbe Nation in der Bahnhofsgalerie … irgendwie unverständlich).

Wir beide tappten nach anderthalb Stunden Fahrt durch das scheinbar leergefegte Berlin rund um den Reichstag und das Bundeskanzleramtes und dort soll auch Ronjas Bericht auf Englisch geschrieben folgen.


“Last saturday, December 6th, we (Devi and I) went to see Noa’s concert in Berlin, her last show in Germany. We arrived at Berlin main station around 5:40 pm and just had to cross the Spree and the empty square between the Reichstag and the chancellor’s office (unfortunately we didn’t meet Angela Merkel) to get to the “Haus der Kulturen der Welt”, thus we arrived there far too early (the show was scheduled for 8 pm). It was cold and we couldn’t get a proper Glühwein (hot spiced wine) anywhere to cheer us up but at least we had the opportunity to stay in the lounge of the venue. First thing to do was to find a loo and funnily enough we met Anat Firestone, Noa’s bassist, in front of it (I didn’t know it was her but lucentestella who had already seen Noa’s show in Munich recognized her). That was calming because now I was quite sure that the concert would take place, no matter how many people would come (after Noa had told about difficulties to organize shows in Germany on her webpage and after it took so long until the online ticket services offered the tickets I was worried that they probably hadn’t sold many). lucentestella and I passed the time hanging around in the lounge watching one part of a strange but interesting piece of art over and over again which was exhibited there. It was a short film about a man visiting a dutch city and it was titled “Hashish”, I’m sure you can imagine what it was about. Around 7 pm we went upstairs to the entrance of the auditorium. By the time they opened the doors to let us in we were approximately 50 people waiting in front of it and I was really sorry for Noa, Gil Dor and their band that only these few had come to see them. lucentestella and I grabbed two seats in the second row and waited excitedly. It was a relief for me to see more and more people coming in, by the time the concert was supposed to start we were about 250 altogether I guess. Shortly after 8 pm a representative of Radio Multikulti which supported the Berlin show entered the stage to introduce Noa and “Genes & Jeans”. The musicians followed her and finally it began. Noa wore a light white dress and looked really beautiful (as you can see on the pictures lucentestella took). Not that I didn’t expect it but I was so amazed how her voice sounded live (it was the first time I was at one of her shows). It didn’t lessen it’s power and beauty even a bit till the very last song (which she performed around 10:30 pm). The show was opened with “Waltz to the Road”. They played every song of “Genes & Jeans” except “Lullaby” and “Take Me”. The live arrangements of the songs were wonderful, I loved every single one, even those which I didn’t like that much when I was listening to the cd. After the “Waltz” they continued with “Something has changed” and “Ayelet Chen”. Then they performed “Mishaela” with a new a capella part in the middle which Noa sang with the band, I was thrilled. Then they played “Dreamer”, but before Noa gave a sample of her German to greet us and told us about the concept of her new album and that it was dedicated to her grandfather. The following songs were (as far as lucentestella and I can remember) “Follow your heart”, “Ani tzameh” (sooo beautiful!), “The Eyes of Love” and as a brilliant finale of the first part of the show “I don’t know”. Then Gil Dor and the percussionist Gad Seri played the instrumental “Rise”. Gil (his English with German accent is really good) made a bit fun of us because we couldn’t clap the rhythm the right way. ;-) Then Gil and Noa (who had changed her frock and wore a sexy black dress now) performed “Uri” by themselves. The next part of the show was about Yemenite women and their music and Noa explained this and that about the roots of her family and the culture these songs come from. After “Yuma” and “Dala Dala” they played “Heart and Head” and Noa wearing a veil now danced a traditional Yemenite wedding dance. The next song was “Genes & Jeans” but soon after the band had started to play Noa made them stop and said she needed a different dress. She called her backliner and asked him if he could lend her his jeans. So he, wearing a towel, brought her a pair of jeans (which miraculously fitted although the man was bigger than her ;-) ) and she changed her dress. After that they put even more energy into whole thing: “Genes & Jeans”, “Pokeach” (thank you!!!) and “El Ha Maayan”. That last one took quite long because all of the musicians had their solo parts. Besides Gil Dor, Anat Firestone and Gad Seri there were good ‘old’ Gil Zohar on keyboards and Jean Paul Zimbris on drums and of course Noa played her djembas. She made us sing along by teaching us the chorus, it was so much fun. The last song before encores was “The Balancing Act”. Noa sang and played the keyboard, it was really wonderful but a bit sad though, not just because of the song itself but because Noa thanked Radio Multikulti before she started to sing it and expressed her deep regret that this radio station will be suspended by the end of this year. Encores were really great, we couldn’t keep our feet still: A traditional Yemenite song which was accompanied by a rhythm Noa and Gad Seri played on empty tin cans, then “Keren Or” (thank you so much!!!) and “Shalom Shalom” (for this I could have thanked them on my knees). Noa shouted: “Get up, this is the last song!” and everybody stood up and clapped their hands, even the old ladies and gentlemen (lucentestella and I were among the youngest of the audience). All the time one could see that Noa really enjoyed herself and I think this was the reason why she came out on stage again after we didn’t stop to applaud for ages. In the end she performed another song with Gil, “Eye in the Sky”. Her voice was still so clear and strong, this was the most beautiful finish we could imagine. As we went back to the main station we were so happy that we didn’t care at all that we had to wait another 1,5 hours until we could take the train back to Leipzig. We spent the time at McD.’s (which was the only restaurant still open) listening to some funny old men sitting around a table nearby who were philosophising about life, politics and history. lucentestella told me that Noa’s Berlin show was the best concert she had attended this year (usually she goes to a lot of shows ;-) ) and I believed her. This concert was fantastic!”

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